The Chill Chaser

A wearable hot water bottle carrier.

The Chill Chaser began life at a sewing machine in a cottage in rural Scotland.  It was initially made as a one-off gift for a friend in order to help cope with the symptoms of Raynaud's disease (a condition which causes the extremities to go numb in the cold.) 

After a flurry of enquiries from people who wanted to know how to purchase one of their own, we realised that there were multiple groups of people who could benefit from this unique invention.  Demand quickly outgrew the capabilities of one domestic sewing machine and we now work closely with our manufacturer to produce the quality product that you see today.

We hope they will benefit our customers as much as they have benefitted us, and we are continuously working on ideas to expand our range in the future.




The Chill Chaser makes it possible to securely wear your hot water bottle   leaving both your hands free to get on with whatever tasks you need to do.

 The strap is adjustable for a  comfortable fit and the Chill Chaser can be worn front or back,  holding the heat close to your body without  feeling heavy. 

Hand pocket

The Chill Chaser has a fleece lined  pocket on the front  which means that as well as heating your core, you can warm cold fingers instantly.

The  smaller zipped pocket is ideal for securely storing keys etc.

Water resistant

The Chill Chaser is made from a quilted water resistant outer fabric, making it easily wipeable and ensuring that your hands and personal items are kept dry whilst you stay warm.

Why have a Chill Chaser?

Research has proven that keeping the body's core warm is the key to maintaining all-over comfort in cold situations.  Warm blood is circulated to the whole body so even fingers and toes stay warmer for longer. 

 Becoming too cold can lead  to hypothermia, frostbite  etc.  and  having cold hands can mean less dexterity.  Mental productivity and reaction times are also proven to decrease when a person is too cold.  


*click here for the science


Who needs a Chill Chaser?

There are many people who have already benefitted from the Chill Chaser, from parents watching their children play sports at the weekend, to farmers and wild swimmers, and those with broken boilers struggling to stay warm in a chilly house.

With energy costs soaring,  a Chill Chaser means that you may be able to reduce your heating bills as wearing one is akin to wearing your own personal radiator!

Chill Chasers can be worn on the front , allowing you to warm cold hands in the fleece pocket and keep your core warm - helping your whole body feel warmer.  They can also be worn on the back, ideal for those with back pain or tense muscles.  The gentle warmth may help to release the tension and soothe the pain. 

We passionately believe that Chill Chasers are a simple, effective way of keeping warm and the suggestions below are only a fraction of the ways in which a Chill Chaser could be beneficial.

Where would YOU wear one?  Email  us below, we'd love to know!

Dog Walkers

Wearing a Chill Chaser makes those winter walks in the rain and snow just a little more pleasant. Your hands remain free to hold the lead and the  pocket can be used for storing poo bags and treats.


Checking livestock in the cold can be a chilly job, as can sitting up all night in a draughty shed with a poorly animal or waiting for a sheep to lamb.  A Chill Chaser leaves your hands free to get on with the job and can be washed in the washing machine so mud is not a problem!

Warehouse Staff

Working in draughty warehouses in freezing temperatures?  A Chill Chaser will keep your core warm and is slimline enough to allow you to fetch and carry boxes/equipment without getting in the way.

Office Workers

Having to keep windows and doors open means many offices have become draughty and cold.  You don't need to sit with your bulky coat on whilst wearing a Chill Chaser and the pocket means you'll never lose a pen again!

Wild Swimmers

No more shivering on the water's edge whilst trying to warm up after a swim.  Water conducts heat away from the body several times faster than air so it's crucial to replace that lost warmth once you come out. Warming your core by strapping on a Chill Chaser will have you toasty again in no time.

Elderly/Less mobile

Many people with limited mobility struggle to keep warm.  Whilst blankets are useful they become much more effective with a heat source underneath.  Being insulated by it's  fleece and padded layers a Chill Chaser will retain it's gentle heat  for hours of continued warmth.


There's nothing worse than sitting around a campfire that won't light and shivering into the evening.  Make a Chill Chaser part of your camping supplies and you'll be warmer than a toasted marshmallow!  And once you go to bed, pop the hot water bottle inside your sleeping bag for continued benefits!


Spending all day out on the hills can be magical but not if you are cold and wet.  The Chill Chaser takes care of the cold for you so you can spend more time doing what you need to, and less time shivering. Unfortunately, although the Chill Chaser is waterproof, we can't do anything to stop the rain!

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